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The Vision

We want to be a leader in original scripted content. Today, we are living in a renaissance of scripted content, both long and short-form. We develop and cultivate fresh, high-concept ideas that can live in both the traditional broadcast and the over-the-top, digital content spaces.

Our Story

It started as the brainchild of a film student. When Daniyal needed a signature for his work, DNK Global Studios was the answer. Today, it is more than a signature.

Today, DNK Global Studios is a brand, one which is carving out a footprint in all aspects of digital media, from podcasts to short films to social media marketing.

And Behind It All...

A one-man army (with a network of collaborators).

Daniyal - Filming in Brooklyn

Daniyal N. Khan

Founder & Producer

I love telling stories. I like breaking them down into three essential pillars. Every story I tell must be informational, educational or entertaining; or a combination of the three. While my background is very technical in nature as I am a video editor first and foremost, I bring much more to the table. I am also a screenwriter, producer, and podcaster. And in an ever-crowded world of media, I'm just trying to carve out my small corner of stories. So, go ahead, ask me: how can I help you tell a story?

Want to See My Portfolio of Work?

It's wide-ranging and unorthodox. But I guess that's what I was going for...

Check it out. You won't be disappointed.