Short Films

An increasingly in-demand part of the entertainment industry, short films are a great way to perfect visual storytelling and explore concepts for further development into longer-form productions.

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Video Marketing

Does your business need a new digital video marketing strategy? Have you already shot footage that needs to be edited? Or do you just have ideas, but don't know how to apply them?

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Event Video

Need to have an event filmed? Corporate Gathering? Seminar? Dance Show? Wedding?

Whether you need a single-camera or a multi-camera setup, we've got you covered.

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Since 1993

We Are Storytellers

The essence of DNK Global Studios is about stories. Everything we do starts with a great story... and ends with an even better one.

Whether you need us to film an event, produce a short film or create a digital video marketing campaign, you will start with telling us a story. And it's our job to take that story and by the end of our collaboration, produce an even better one.

Every project starts with an idea, a plan, a brief. Then comes the "light bulb" moment when it all clicks together. Now, the plan is put into motion: a screenplay starts to be written, cameras start to roll and we start getting footage in the can.

Soon, the project takes another turn: delays, scheduling conflicts and technical difficulties. That's where we adjust, adapt and create a new project timeline, one that still meets the original deadline.

Now, we go into post-production. And that's where the real magic happens...

The Camera

What happens next...

Usually, good things. Want to find out?